Good Question!



                                                     Asking a good question . . .

. . . takes wisdom, humility, patience, and a sense of humour. God is the Master at this art form. After He created all of life and humanity He enters our world to search for us.

He doesn’t need to wrap Himself in flesh and step into the time warp. He doesn’t have to question, either. He knows us intimately. He made our brains, connected the cells, knit our hearts together. He knows us. But He humbles Himself and asks us questions.


He could just as easily have folded His arms, walked around time like a museum display, and discerned the answers without limiting His grandeur to a body that could only be in one place at one time, to a pair of sandals on dusty streets. Maybe it was because He wanted to get to know us – the creation that brought Him the most joy. He wanted to have a relationship with us, and the best way to do it was to ask questions.

Instead of accusing us or telling us what to do, God places our freedom and dignity on the powerful pivot of a question. A question gives us control over the conversation. God allows us to reject Him if we choose, and that’s what a good question does – gives freedom and respects dignity. Talk about humility, power under control, gentleness. And all from the One who could have snuffed us out with a puff of His breath. Here He comes now, in the Garden, asking a question:

     . . . stay tuned for a series on

     “The First Ten Questions God Asks Humanity”©

by Pamela Mytroen (copyright)





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A song from my childhood called "I stand amazed in the presence of Jesus the Nazarene" still reflects how I feel about Jesus my Saviour. I can't help but talk, sing, and write about Him. He has called me to sit at his feet and learn from Him. Besides being amazed about Him and His crazy love for us, I also love to bake, cook, go for long walks, spend time with my family, and write just about anything from fiction to inspirational, promotional, and what I'm learning from His Word.

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