About Me



     I don’t like this About Page. I’m quiet and would rather listen to you talk. So after this, please tell me about yourself!  

     I Always Said I would never work with children. I have taught Sunday School since I was 17, directeGold wheat close-upd two children’s clubs, tell Children’s stories at church, help in the nursery, and cuddle the newborns every chance I get.

     I Always Said I would never marry a farmer. We just finished our 30th harvest. And it was a bountiful crop. The serenity of a simple bonfire at our Saskatchewan farm still captures my heart (and so does my husband, Kel!).

     I Always Wanted Six Children, got four, and I’m kinda glad about that. They’ve taught me so much about myself, about Jesus, life and lego, and they do try to teach me about technology. 


The Loves of My Life


  Oh, and the world’s cutest grandson has been taken. He’s ours.




And now we have the sweetest granddaughter too! 


 I always said I would NEVER speak in public. The first time I stayed home from school with a “cold”. The second time I asked the teacher  so many questions in class there wasn’t time for me to do my speech. I could delay it no longer. After being sick to my stomach for days, and after several nights of dreaming that it was over, and trembling from head to toe, I took my place at the front of the class and had the surprise of my life . . . I loved it!

     I love teaching. I teach English as an Additional Language (EAL) to many wonderful students

       from all around the world.


Some of my students!

     I enjoy speaking – church, women’s groups, seniors, children, workshops, and more.

     And I enjoy teaching writer’s workshops.

Pam teaching at ICWF Conference                                             “The Life of Pie for Writers”


     I Always Wanted To Write. When I finally got my first gig for the paper, I was to interview a 97 year old gal. Ten minutes into the interview she fell asleep.

 I have been privileged to write for:

                  My local paper, The Assiniboia Times

        Chicken Soup for the Soul

        Alliance Life

        Upper Room

        St. Peter’s Messenger

        Living Light News

        Fellowscript, and


       Blog contributor for the Professional Writer’s Blog at  www.inscribe.org

and The Word Guild 

       Acquisitions Editor with a great editorial team for Fellowscript, a Writer’s Magazine for Christians who write.


          My favourite subject to write or teach is God’s Word and His Amazing, Giving, Grace.

     For Short Adventures Jesus Down to Earth, join me on my blog.


     Now about you! Tell me a little about yourself:

      What did you always want to do? And what did you end up doing?

Thank you for stopping by. I would love to hear your thoughts!